Microwaved Acorn Squash Seeds


It hasn’t even hit full force yet and I just want it to be warm again. #1 thing on my vision board is to get a house somewhere down south. I can’t take it when it’s cold/chilly. I also think I have seasonal affective disorder, I become increasingly lethargic, mopey, and down in the winter. Maybe that’s the inner bear in me?

Microwaved Acorn Squash Seeds

The beautiful fall colors.

The two things that rev me up about fall are the beautiful colors and the seasonal food like pumpkins and squash!

Microwaved Acorn Squash Seeds

Maybe it’s the inner hippie or tree hugger in me, but these colors are absolutely beautiful. Nature is so wonderful. =)

Hence, why I got a little creative/lazy the other day and decided to microwave up some acorn squash seeds from a couple acorn squashes I used from a recipe. “Can you eat acorn squash seeds” you might be asking? Well you can eat just about any seed in my book, just the same way you can milk just about anything with nipples (Meet the Parents anyone?).

I have also learned that acorn squash seeds are an awesome way to increase protein and fiber in your diet. They are also a great source of iron, zinc and potassium. They contain a healthy, small dose of monounsaturated fat- which is a good fat, so don’t be alarmed!

Microwaved Acorn Squash Seeds

Microwaved Acorn Squash Seeds

Makes about 1 cup of seeds

  • The seeds from 2 acorn squashes, cleaned & rinsed
  • dash of Himalayan salt
  • dash of fresh cracked black pepper

On a microwave safe plate, layer the seeds on, in one uniform layer. Pop in the microwave for about 4 minutes.Remove the seeds from the microwave, taste test a couple, if there is no crunch to them, shuffle the seeds around and pop back in for 1.5 minutes. Remove seeds from the microwave, taste test. There should be a crunch to them by now, and they should be a golden brown color. Remove from plate, pour in a bowl and sprinkle with the salt and pepper. Of course, microwave times may vary, so stay close to the microwave to keep any eye on your seeds!

Microwaved Acorn Squash Seeds


Now that you’ve heard me piss and moan about the fall, I am craving a little pick me up! What is something you love about fall?

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